Contract work related to topic Wikipedia for Vipul Naik

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Task payments due for tasks related to topic Wikipedia by type and year

Task typeTotal in year 2018Total in year 2017Total in year 2016Total in year 2015Total across years
Preliminary research 0.00 300.00 925.00 0.00 1,225.00
Coding 70.00 212.00 835.00 0.00 1,117.00
Blog post or article 0.00 700.00 110.00 0.00 810.00
Survey creation 0.00 0.00 70.00 0.00 70.00
Review 0.00 0.00 55.00 0.00 55.00
Survey recruitment 0.00 0.00 20.50 0.00 20.50
Wiki page update 0.00 0.00 10.00 0.00 10.00
Total 70.00 1,212.00 2,025.50 0.00 3,307.50

Topic impact: Wikipedia

Item Value
Total pageviews of Wikipedia pages created as contract work 0.00
Total pageviews of Wikipedia pages created or edited (not necessarily significantly) as contract work 0.00
Cost per thousand views of pages created (including only explicit costs for page creation) 0.00
Cost per thousand views of pages created (including all task pay) 0.00
Cost per thousand views of pages created or edited (including only explicit costs for page creation and editing) 0.00
Cost per thousand views of pages created or edited (including pay for everything) 0.00

Task payments due for tasks related to topic Wikipedia by type and month

MonthPreliminary researchCodingBlog post or articleSurvey creationReviewSurvey recruitmentWiki page updateTotal across task types
Total across months1,225.001,117.00810.0070.0055.0020.5010.003,307.50

Full list of tasks in reverse chronological order (21 tasks)

WorkerTask venueTask typeTask receptacleCompletion datePayerPaymentTopicFormatNotes
Issa RiceWikipedia ViewsCodingWikipedia Clickstream2018-04-25Vipul Naik70.00WikipediaCodeWork done on April 21 and April 25, 2018. The work built on previous work with the clickstream dataset to streamline the monthly update process, now that the Wikimedia Foundation is publishing the datasets every month. See for the issue specifics
Issa RiceNoneCodingBackups2017-12-03Vipul Naik212.00Wikipedia/BackupCode and dataPayment for maintaining the process that does daily backups of Wikipedia content, at $4/week for 53 weeks
Issa RiceWikipedia spotlightBlog post or articleWikipedia spotlight2017-11-30Vipul Naik700.00WikipediaProseStill unpublished retrospective document of our experience with paid editing on Wikipedia. Payment is out of a total budget of $1000 for the project. It includes time spent from March to June, and two days in November. The November time alone is 15 hours; the previous time is not explicitly logged. The remaining work worth $300 is expected to take about six days
Issa RiceNonePreliminary researchUnderstanding different editing patterns on Wikipedia2017-03-11Vipul Naik100.00WikipediaCodeAdded functionality to wikidossier to compare multiple users and do multiple namespaces for a single user. The interface is not yet public. However, you can visit for the underlying code. The last commit covered by this pay is (2017-03-11)
Issa RiceNonePreliminary researchUnderstanding different editing patterns on Wikipedia2017-03-03Vipul Naik200.00WikipediaCodeResearch produced profiles of different kinds of Wikipedia editors, and an interface to generate a report on the trajectory of Wikipedia editor. The interface is not yet public. However, you can visit for the underlying code
Issa RiceLessWrongReviewWikipedia usage survey results2016-12-24Vipul Naik55.00WikipediaProse with tablesReviewed changes by Vipul, fixed a lot of rendering issues, and provided frank feedback on post
Issa RiceWikimedia metaWiki page updateTimeline of Wikimedia analytics2016-11-30Vipul Naik10.00WikipediaTimelineTimeline events on starting dates for availability of search metrics
Issa RiceNoneCodingBackups2016-11-28Vipul Naik100.00Wikipedia/BackupCode and dataSetup for periodic backup of all important Wikipedia content for easy recoverability
Issa RiceWikipedia ViewsCodingHelp pages2016-11-21Vipul Naik25.00Wikipedia ViewsCode and dataList of help pages in all language Wikipedias
Issa RiceWikipedia ViewsCodingSpecial pages2016-11-20Vipul Naik40.00Wikipedia ViewsCode and dataList of special pages in all language Wikipedias
Issa RiceWikipedia ViewsCodingdistrib.py2016-11-19Vipul Naik40.00WikipediaCodeCode to show bar or line plot for distribution of Wikipedia pageviews
Issa RiceWikipedia ViewsCodingWikipedia Clickstream2016-11-04Vipul Naik130.00Wikipedia ViewsCodeProcessing of Wikipedia clickstream data set for use in Wikipedia Views. Successfully integrated in Wikipedia Views 2016-11-25
Issa RiceWikipedia ViewsCodinggraph.py2016-10-13Vipul Naik80.00Wikipedia Views/graphingCodeAdd graphing capabilities to Wikipedia Views
Issa RiceWikipedia ViewsCodingTag entries in different languages2016-10-04Vipul Naik150.00Wikipedia ViewsCode and dataWrote code to translate tags en masse to new languages. Code still exists, plan is now to incorporate into Wikipedia Views itself to avoid need to run separate code
Issa RiceLessWrongPreliminary researchRevisiting the great decline in Wikipedia pageviews2016-10-03Vipul Naik925.00WikipediaProse with tables and charts and codeStarted on it at ~$100/day pay, slowed down, then we realized a lot more toolkit improvements are needed before we can push out the post
Ethan BashkanskyNoneSurvey recruitmentWikipedia use change over time2016-09-30Vipul Naik20.50Wikipedia usageOutreachGot 41 responses from UW audience for 50 cents a response
Issa RiceNoneCodingWikipedia tag page list translation2016-09-30Vipul Naik150.00WikipediaCode and dataCode to translate pages in bulk from one language to another, executed for various language pairs and lists. The completion date is approximate. The payment was finalized on November 8 2017, and will be included with the 2017 tax year
Issa RiceNoneCodingModel for estimating the value of a Wikipedia page2016-08-29Vipul Naik40.00Wikipedia/Contract workCodeInitial work piloted on a small subset of timelines, gives an estimate of the total money due based on attributes of the timeline
Issa RiceLessWrongBlog post or articleWikipedia usage survey results2016-07-14Vipul Naik110.00WikipediaProse with tablesFinished writing up findings from survey conducted in late May
Issa RiceLessWrongSurvey creationWikipedia usage survey2016-05-31Vipul Naik70.00WikipediaSurveyDesign of survey, buying responses, and preliminary analysis
Issa RiceWikipedia ViewsCodingpageviewQueries.inc2016-01-31Vipul Naik80.00Wikipedia Views/API integrationCodeAdd ability to query Wikimedia API for pageviews